Multilayer Social Networks

 Multilayer Social Networks

R library

Many methods mentioned in the book have been made available as an R library called multinet (here shown used inside RStudio and with the igraph plotting functionality).

The library is available on CRAN, so it is sufficient to type install.packages("multinet") on an R shell to install it (linux, mac or windows). A PDF manual listing the available methods can be downloaded following the link above.

C++ code

A superset of the methods implemented in the R library is available as a C++ library. This can be useful to those wanting to modify existing algorithms, and also contains methods currently under evaluation that have not yet been exported to the R library.

Other software resources

Other researchers have also developed code to analyze multilayer networks. Various software tools have been developed under the EU FP7 projects PLEXMATH and LASAGNE. multiplex and multigraph are two R libraries for the analysis of multiplex networks and for visualizing multigraphs.