Multilayer Social Networks

 Multilayer Social Networks


We maintain a publicly accessible bibliography on multilayer networks on Mendeley. This list can also be exported as a bibtex file. While the flat list of references can be seen using a browser, we recommend to install Mendeley Desktop where all the references in the archive are organized into folders on specific topics such as "Measures", "Models", "Visualization" and "Diffusion", and where additional functions are available such as the generation of formatted citations or latex citation commands.

Everyone can contribute, so that we can keep track of the many new papers on the topic. From time to time we curate the bibliography by (1) removing duplicates (2) removing papers not about multilayer networks, (3) reorganizing the papers into what we think are appropriate folders and (4) fixing imprecise/incorrect information. We kindly ask contributors to upload references so that curation time is minimized.

Other references

The following survey papers on general multilayer networks can also be of interest for those interested in our book:

Mikko Kivelä, Alexandre Arenas, Marc Barthelemy, James P. Gleeson, Yamir Moreno, and Mason A. Porter. 2014. “Multilayer Networks.” Physics and Society. Journal of Complex Networks 2 (3): 203–71.

Stefano Boccaletti, Ginestra Bianconi, Regino Criado, Charo I. Del Genio, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Miguel Romance, Irene Sendiña-Nadal, Zhen Wang, and Massimiliano Zanin. 2014. “The Structure and Dynamics of Multilayer Networks.” Physics Reports 544 (1): 1–122.

We are also writing literature survey papers on specific topics:

(on clustering) Obaida Hanteer, Roberto Interdonato, Matteo Magnani, Luca Rossi and Andrea Tagarelli. “Community Detection in Multiplex Networks.” Forthcoming.

Cécile Bothorel, Juan David Cruz, Matteo Magnani, and Barbora Micenkova. 2015. “Clustering Attributed Graphs: Models, Measures and Methods.” Network Science 3 (3). Cambridge University Press: 408–44.

(on diffusion/propagation) Mostafa Salehi, Rajesh Sharma, Moreno Marzolla, Matteo Magnani, Payam Siyari, and Danilo Montesi. 2015. “Spreading Processes in Multilayer Networks.” IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 2 (2): 65–83.

(on layer comparison) Brodka, P., Chmiel, A., Magnani, M., and Ragozini, G. 2018. “Quantifying layer similarity in multiplex networks: a systematic study“. Royal Society Open Science, 5(8).

(on simplification) Roberto Interdonato, Matteo Magnani, Diego Perna, Andrea Tagarelli and Davide Vega. 2018. “A survey on methods for multilayer network simplification“. Forthcoming.